Thank you very much for visiting the Naikai Tug Boat Service Co., Ltd. website.
Since our establishment in 1961, as our company name indicates, we have operated tug boats in the Seto Inland Sea.
Today we operate 21 tug boats and two high-speed patrol boats (escort boats) at 14 Seto Inland Sea ports, from Oita in the west to Sakai in the east, assisting large vessels with port entries and departures.

Our more than 130 crew members and over 40 land-based employees are proud of the work and responsibility of protecting the safety of ships and harbors in the Seto Inland Sea every day.

Moving forward, we will continue to devote ourselves to delivering happiness to numerous people by preserving the environment and safety of the sea.

Management Philosophy of Naikai Tub Boat Service

“Our Three Pledges”

We declare that

  • We value “ En ” (unique bond), and make our employees, their families, customers, and neighbors happy.
  • We have pride and outstanding maneuvering skills to protect the environment and safety of the sea.
  • We maintain the spirit of “ Jiritsu Kyosei ” (independence and association), and sincerely serve the public good.

Company Overview

An overview of Naikai Tug Boat Service Co., Ltd.

Business Locations

We have business locations and offices throughout the Seto Inland Sea region.

ISO Environmental Certification

Our activities conform to ISO 14001 standards, in line with our environmental policy.

Code of Conduct

We have formulated a Code of Conduct to guide the behavior of employees.

Environmental and Safety Policy

We have established basic policies on the environment and safety.

Affiliated company

It is an introduction of our affiliated company.