Wide-ranging Service Covering A Wide Area

Through our extensive network, the funnel mark “N” (vessel operator’s identifying mark, displayed on the vessel’s funnel, i.e. smokestack) of Naikai Tug Boat Service can be seen playing active role in various fields such as gas, oil, coal and other energy plant, steel, automobiles, paper pulp, log, foods, chemical products and other manufacturing.

Our business actives include port entrances and exits support, in which we help large vessels approaching and leaving the berth, course escort service, leading and monitoring waters in front of and around the vessel to secure her safety, and safety patrol service, in which we perform standby and monitoring for vessels during her loading and unloading operation of hazardous materials (crude oil, etc.), alerting other vessels in approaching and swiftly responding to emergency situations.

Harbor Towage Service

Our well-trained and experienced crew operate the biggest Naikai fleet in the Setouchi (Seto Inland Sea), and respond to various requests from customers in general ports, industrial ports and shipyards.


Tug Boat and Safety Patrol Boat Business Unit

Escort Boat Service

To cope with the Maritime Traffic Safety Act enacted in July 1973, we provide escort service for huge vessels carrying hazardous materials sailing on designated routes, and are contributed to their safety sailing.


Course Patrol Business Unit

Disaster Prevention Service

All of our tug boats and safety escort boats are equipped with water chemical and powder fire extinguisher and oil spill treatment agent device for unexpected accidents.


Disaster Preparedness Business Unit

Shipping Agency Service

Our Mizushima office and our affiliate Naikai Shipping Co., Ltd., pure shipping agency service provider, offer a full range of services including filing permit applications to the relevant government offices, and arranging for loading and unloading, to enable vessels operation smoothly.


Shipping Agency Business